»As soon as I hear a sound,
it always suggests a mood to me.«

Brian Eno

  • News

    Welcome to our new website. Check out Noizonics services, sounds and offers. And drop us a note if you should have any questions or inquiries.

  • Noizonic goes Thailand

    Noizonic will be in Thailand in February for 3 weeks to collect and create sound for a luxury artisan club in Bangkok.

    The work includes sound for the website and shortfilms introducing the life style club. In addition sound installations and sound portraits are commissioned for the members club area.

    The sound will be recorded on site in Bangkok city, in the Himalaya area and also at the seaside in Thailand. Personal sound recordings and interviews will build the base for a unique sound experience representing the brand of the life style club.

  • What Noizonic sounds like

    A Noizonic sound scape is a kind of map. It charts personality, telling a story - stories of location, habits, people, choices. In constant exchange, you are the material and the architect of your own soundscape.

    Imagine if you could listen to this sound­scape? How do you sound?

    Noizonic sound scapes can be abstract, struct­ured like a documentary, a classically inspired musical sound scape or - simply a sound bite.