Noizonic offers bespoke
sound design, sound wellness
as well as sound consulting.

  • Philosophy

    Noizonic is a company that creates sonic experiences to enhance and benefit lifestyle. We are a culmination of discoveries in performance, composition and collaboration with producers, artists, musicians and people in the business sector. Our sound products and activities range from sound design for public events and spaces to wellness sounds and sound consulting.

  • History

    Noizonic founder and creative director Christin Rauter is a naturally gifted musician and educator with a degree in classical and jazz piano. As a solo artist, she has performed live in European concerts, theatre productions and worked with major bands and brands such as Taxi, The Brand New Heavies, Absolute Vodka and Roland to name a few. Through developing her own projects as an artist she soon became familiar with the concept of sound design and the effects this had on people she worked with.

  • Aims

    Its broad aim is to use the powerful medium of sound to our benefit. Sound has a powerful subconscious influence in all areas of life but what we want is to design conscious sound that has a positive significance in our contemporary environment; an antidote to stress, noise and visual pollution as well as sonic experiences that have an impact on productivity and creative thinking.